This is the standard replate formula that a number of us are using for Phalaenopsis.  The mother media was designed for sowing seeds with the green pod method, but it will also work with dry harvested seed.  Phals generally prefer a medium with weaker nutrients than recommended amount of most commercial flasking media.   So the amounts listed below are tailored specifically for Phalaenopsis.  Phals are also sensitive to sugar when temperatures are higher, if you find your temps run higher in your lab and you are getting die-off, try reducing the amount of sugar.

Replate Media Formula

  • 20g/L       P668 (Phytotech Orchid Maintenance Media with Charcoal)
  • 5g/L         Sugar
  • 25g/L       Banana
  • 50g/L       Potato (cooked and mashed)
  • 3-5g/L      Gelling Agent
  • 950ml/L   Distilled Water

Directions:  Puree the Potato and Banana in a blender with some of the distilled water. Mix all the ingredients together and check the pH.  pH should be around 6.  The P668 media is usually self adjusting, but adding the Banana and Potato can throw off the pH.  Adjust it if needed.  

Once that is done bring the mix to a rolling boil. 

Then flasks can be filled and autoclaved.