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In progress list of seed pod harvest times....

Standard Seed Pod Harvest Times - Green Pod

The harvest times listed here for green pods are estimates and based on common standard times.   In general you should always consider that growing conditions such and temperature and light can effect how long a seed pod will take to mature.  Also different species can have drastically different pod maturation times.  This can make it really difficult to estimate the harvest time for complex hybrids.  So use these timelines as a general guideline and then watch your pods carefully on a daily basis when its either close to this date or you start seeing color and/or texture changes to a pod.

Genus Species/Grex Months Weeks Days
  Hybrids - labiata types 5-6    
  Hybrids - bifoliate types 4-5    
  Hybrids - BC & BLC types 4-6    
  Hybrids - Standard (tetraploids) 4-5    
  Hybrids - Novelty (usually diploid) 5-8    
  equestris 3-6    
  pulcherrima 2-3    










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